Hand bag that talks – LED Emoji inspired handbag that makes people talk too!

At Hosho, where we are about home textiles that talk, we were excited to know about a related accessory - the hand bag - that talks!

Yes, a fashion designer from the UK has come up with the idea of having digital emojis on hand bags. The user of the hand bag can choose the emoji to be displayed on the bag.


Image source: India pages

Madhura Kulkarni, studying fashion design in Birmingham, was inspired by the motivation to make folks talk to each other instead of just drowning in the virtual space. "The concept behind the bag is to initiate a verbal conversation between two people with the help of LED emojis that you can choose to display on the bag," she says.

Interesting, isn't it? For instance, if you are at an airport and have put in an emoji corresponding to "face with cold sweat", that is


and you see another person with the same emoji, why not, it might kick off a conversation on the challenge each of you faced that day!

Surely, there can be further innovations that can extend this idea to make handbags and other accessories "talk" in a more enriching manner, and thereby making people have more face-to-face talks too!

At Hosho, we are keen to make home textiles and other accessories more creative than ever; so we see this as yet another sign of a counter-trend that is happening to the dominant trend of virtual social+mobile - a counter trend that tries to bring human touch back into the game. One can expect such a trend to pervade into related domains of garments and why not, home textiles too!

It will be indeed nice if a table cloth makes parents and children have more enriching discussions when they have food, wouldn't it? Or how about a window curtain making the husband and wife have more face-to-face discussions instead of being just immersed in their WhatsApp and Facebook conversations?

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