Creative & Innovative Apron Designs

Aprons – oh, those silly things whose only job is just to keep us nice and tidy while we cook.

Hang on.

It appears that the world has changed while you and I were sleeping!

Aprons are no longer just the dumb things to protect you from the oil and the spillovers, they are getting to have a voice of their own.

Yes, aprons are getting creative.

Just the kind of stuff we like at Hosho, where we are all about home textiles that speak! (And by the way, you may want to have a look at our creative Apron collection)

We reviewed some of the interesting, cool and innovative apron designs from around the web, and here are some stuff we liked the most!

15 cool apron designs from Crooked Brains – there are some cool designs indeed over here; the ones we liked the most was this, more for its utility value than for anything super-creative.



R2D2 style apron pattern – sew your own droid! –  hmmm, this is for sci-fi fans, of course (source: So Sew Easy blog post)




Some really creative and funny aprons from here – from the blog of Francesco Mugnai, Of the many designs over here, the one we liked the most was this:



And here are some bespoke, personalised cooking aprons on which you can have a design you wish to have. That’s cool, isn’t it!

25 fresh and flirty designs for aprons from the book A is for Apron 

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