Decorative Pillows – some really good patterns, designs, ideas and tutorials

Pillows, oh those pillows

One might think I am out of my mind to be waxing eloquent about, of all things, pillows!

Yeah, so, yeah!

Pillows are really wonderful stuff, I tell you.

I mean, you spend 6-8 hours on them. That's almost 25% of your total lifetime on these blooming pillows.

25% of your total life time - that should count for something, shouldn't it?

So what, you are asking. What about it, eh?

I will tell you what it is about - I am saying these pillows need to be well thought of. Let us focus a heck of a lot on decorating these pillows, making them look cool, making them really aesthetically pleasing and not just comfy, I say!

OK, enough of my warblings.

Now that I had gotten all of us at Hosho and the rest of the world really fascinated about making these pillows aesthetically pleasing, I looked around the Internet to see who has done what. I mean, millions of creative folks should have done some cool things to, and on, pillows, right?

My hunch was correct, and my efforts were not wasted.

Here are some cool, awesome, interesting, and some times weird, stuff done to the pillows.

Don't blame me if you also start dreaming about pillows (instead of other more cool things) in your dreams, after going through this post from Hosho.

Some cool looking peacock patterned pillows


And here's a really cool looking pillow


Some more cool pillows


And some even more cool!


Pillows with recycled roses!


Rose Petal Pillows


Ruffled Taffeta Pillows


Pillows with Sunflower Pattern


And some nice videos over here too

DIY Cute Emoji Pillows

DIY Decorative Pillows


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