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With consumers the world over becoming highly conscious of the health and environment related aspects of the home textiles they use every day, end users these days are keen on even the curtains and drapes being environment and health friendly!

And the market is also responding by providing the customers with curtains and drapes produced from environmentally sustainable materials and processes.

An example is the curtains and drapes made from organic cotton and other organically grown natural fibers.

Organic drapes and curtains are made from 100% natural fibers like cotton, wool, jute, bamboo, hemp, etc. These fibers are grown naturally and are easily recyclable making them an environment friendly option. Installing such window treatments goes a long way in preserving the environment and encourages sustainability.

Let us take a deeper look into what the benefits of organic curtains & drapes are:

What are organic curtains & drapes?

The term organic refers to everything that is completely and 100% natural. These curtains and drapes are made from plants (cotton, jute, bamboo, hemp, etc.) that are grown naturally without any use of pesticides, fertilizers or any other harmful substance for several years. Also, these fabrics do not face any chemical treatment as in dyeing or processing during manufacture.

Where can organic drapes or curtains be installed?

Organic window coverings, especially drapes or curtains can be installed in family rooms like bedrooms or children’s rooms. As a matter of fact they can be installed all over the house, but are ideal for spaces where a family spends more time. Since they are made of natural fibers they are hypoallergenic and help avoid allergies, asthma, rashes and other health issues.

An average human sleeps for seven to eight hours and is exposed to chemicals used in inorganic bedding, drapes, curtains, etc. and may develop certain health conditions. However, installing organic window coverings eliminates such conditions by keeping the air within the room clean and pure.

What are the advantages of organic window coverings?

Organic curtains and drapes have several benefits over its other counterparts that are made from synthetic fibers and materials.

  • They are eco-friendly, recyclable and thus help us build a greener planet
  • Organic curtains and drapes are healthier options compared to the conventional ones – these products come without any kind of health hazard, which is especially important for homes with children and infants. The organic drapes and curtains are hypoallergenic, helping avoid allergies and other respiratory conditions, rashes, chemical sensitivities for both users as well as farmers.
  • They help the cause of sustainable agriculture. Organic farming as a concept is gaining popularity worldwide where the farmers are going back to their roots, have better control of the inputs. Not only do they get more out of their farms in the long term through organic farming, they also get more financial returns by adopting organic farming practices.
  • Use of organic drapes and curtains helps avoid air, soil and water pollution by non-emission of harmful chemicals and gases.

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