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Towels, bed sheets – we pay little attention to these two, but these are two textiles that touch our bodies, and in the case of towels, they touch many intimate and sensitive parts of our body.
When you have just finished having a warm shower your pores are open and your skin will absorb chemicals very quickly.
You are the most vulnerable at this point from chemicals in the towels you use to dry yourself.
Many people are becoming aware of the fact that normal cotton is grown using chemicals which remain in the finished cotton products, including your towels.
Isn’t it important that we are more careful about the materials used to make these sheets and towels?
This is where the concept of organic products comes in.
About organic Sheets and Towels
Have you noticed that more and more retailers are adding organic sheets and towels to their bed and bath collections? It’s not just a way for them to jump on the “everything organic” bandwagon — there are great and valid reasons why you should be purchasing sheets and towels that are made from organic fibers, and we’re excited to tell you why!
Why organic linens?
You spend quality time with the sheets on your bed, at least 30 hours a week, right? Why would you even consider spending so much time sleeping on sheets that were manufactured using chemicals that can be harmful to your body?
The upside to using sheets and towels that have been made using these materials is that, just like organic food, the fibers they use have been grown without using chemicals. In addition, bedding often contains additional chemicals, added later in the production process, that helps keep it wrinkle-free, meaning that those chemicals are directly reaching your skin while you sleep. Organic linen do not have these disadvantages.
But best of all, organic sheets and towels are actually much softer to the touch and people who have replaced their bedding, especially, with organic bedding, say that they actually sleep better now! “I know it sounds ridiculous, and I feel silly even saying this, but since we switched to organic sheets and pillowcases on our bed, I sleep so much better!” says Jill, a bedding-obsessed SheKnows reader from Chicago. “It’s probably all in my mind, but I feel more rested. Plus, the sheets are so soft and cozy… my husband didn’t even complain about the price tag. He loves them as much as I do!”
Switching to organic bedding and towels throughout your home should be on your to-do list and if you or family members suffer from allergies — including skin allergies, such as eczema — making the move to organic linens should be a priority. Kids can also benefit from organic linens and many retailers are even selling crib sheets made from organic cotton.
But, don’t get overwhelmed with this — it’s not like you need to double-bag all your current bedding and towels and burn them in the backyard! Commit to transitioning your household to organic linens. Start with new sheets on one bed at a time. Slowly add in new pillowcases, duvet covers and down-comforters, all of which come in organic alternatives as well.
The one thing about organic linens, as with all organic products, is that they aren’t cheap. However, organic cotton is also durable and wears well, meaning you won’t have to replace these every year. Look at them as an investment — for your home and for your health!
Are Good For You & Good For The Planet
There is now a larger range of organic towels available than before, and this is advantageous if you are looking for a more natural health approach to every aspect of your life.
This is because so many of you are recognizing that you want to use high quality products that are safer for you and your family to use, as well as being kinder on your skin and the environment.
This may be why in the last few years the tally of organic cotton farms worldwide has increased due to the higher demand for safe organic cotton products, such as organic toweling.
Fortunately it is now getting much easier to buy organic cotton bath towels, as more countries now grow organic cotton worldwide. This includes the USA, Egypt, India and a number of other countries.
Organic Cotton Bath Towels
Egyptian cotton towels have long been known as high quality bathroom products, and it is good to know that the organic alternative is now available. Organic cotton bath towels are better than towels made from traditionally grown cotton.
This is because you can be sure that they will not leave a residue on your skin from the chemicals they contain, and when your pores are open just after your shower you will not be absorbing chemicals when drying your skin.
As the plants embody the chemicals that are used on them as they grow, non-organically grown cotton will always have the chemicals used on the plants impregnated within it.
This is a good reason why you might choose organic cotton, as organic cotton products are better than the alternative, which is grown using pesticides.
How Are Organic Cotton Farms Different?
Many traditional farmers believed in the past that they could not grow cotton without the use of pesticides.
Yet more and more cotton farmers, in a large number of countries, are now choosing to grow their cotton crops organically.
Each year the number of organic cotton farms in the world is increasing in line with consumer demand for safe organic cotton products.
Cotton plants were believed to be difficult to grow without pesticides because of the large number of pests that attack it, but organic farmers have found alternative ways to deal with these problems.
They have found that it is possible to grow cotton without the use of dangerous chemicals, that harm both humans and the environment.
By feeding the plants quality organic fertilizers, and using other safe organic and biodynamic farming methods, instead of synthetic chemicals, the plants are stronger and better able to withstand insect attack.
Both the people who work on these farms and the environment surrounding them are healthier. These farm workers are no longer at risk from touching and breathing the chemicals used on the crops, and there is no run off, into the waterways nearby, of dangerous chemicals.
Caring For Your Organic Cotton Towels
Using organic cotton bath towels is a healthier alternative, and will help to improve your overall health and well-being.
It is necessary to regularly wash your towels, and if you have dust mite allergy, use the hottest water possible to wash them.
It is necessary to take care of your bath towels and ensure that you dry them properly after every use to prevent problems.
A wet towel or bath mat left in the bathroom that has not dried properly after use, may grow mold or mildew on it.
One of the important bathroom tips to ensure that your towels remain healthy and safe to use, is to make sure that they are placed in an airy place to dry after use, or dried in the dryer.
Organic Cotton Is A Safer Alternative
Take care to wash all of your organic cotton bath towels, bath rugs or mats, hand towels and wash cloths in quality organic fragrance free detergent if possible.
The use of safe chemical free detergent is essential to avoid reactions that can be avoided.
If you are chemically sensitive, you may wish to taken action to ensure that you and your loved ones remain healthy.
It will be beneficial for you to take extra care, and to use hypoallergenic unscented laundry detergent to launder them.
This avoids a build up of fragrance in the towels that may cause you to have an allergic reaction after using them.
It does seem pointless to wash quality organic products using detergent that will pollute the organic fabric, so ensure that you launder your towels with chemical free products, regardless of whether you are sensitive to chemicals.
This is a natural health approach that is particularly important, especially if you have allergies to perfume.
It is common to find that you may end up with the smell of fragrance on your skin after using a towel that has been washed with a scented laundry powder, but its not just the residue on your skin that should concern you.
It takes a matter of seconds for chemicals to be absorbed into your skin after bathing, as it is open and porous. So do be aware that you need to combine the purchase of lovely organic bathroom products with using hypoallergenic and safe laundry products.
Now that there is a much larger range of organic towels available to buy, it is important that you support the producers of these products, so we can ensure that they remain available.
Organic cotton bath towels are a safer alternative if you are allergic or chemically sensitive. It may take a while to replace all of your linen with organic, but over time you will notice the difference in your health from the removal of the chemicals.
And you’ll love snuggling up in a thick organic towel knowing its totally safe for you and your family.
If you recognize that organic products are better, support the retailers that make both organic towels and organic bed linen and other bedding needs, this way you will have them there when you need them.

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