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The Eco Textiles WWW Encyclopedia provides comprehensive resources for Eco friendly Organic Home textiles. It provides inputs and info on various aspects of Eco textiles, and over a thousand relevant web links on organic textiles and related topics. It is intended to be a one-stop Eco Textiles resource, and is expected to be of use to beginners and experts alike.



Inputs and Resources

Manufacturing & Processing

  • Dyes and Chemicals
    • Dyeing Process and Environmental Impact – Detailed report that describes why it is of extreme importance to understand the critical points of the dyeing process so as to find alternative, eco-friendly methods.
    • Dyeing & Sustainability – As conservation of water resources and the environment become key issues of concern in textile manufacturing, this article discusses about the need for the dyeing process to become sustainable
    • The rise of sustainable fabrics – Some quick facts on fruits, flowers and seeds used as non-toxic natural dyes
  • Sustainable Manufacturing Process


  • Technologies & Solutions 
  • Testing, Certifications & Standards
    • Organic Textile Certifications – List of Organic product Certifications, standards and how to apply for them explained here
    • 100% Organic Certifications – frequently asked questions and answers about what makes your cotton 100% organic and is it certified? Link
    • Regulations in different countries – blog post explains regulations for organic products from raw materials in fiber production throughout the entire processing chain all the way to the consumer what are the regulations for Organic Textiles followed in Different countries Link

Garment & Apparel

Home Textiles

Eco Textiles WWW Encyclopedia



  • Medical Textiles
  • Technical Textiles
  • Textile Recycling
    • Textile Recycling – Old is New – List of specific textiles can be reused or recycled into insulation material, flooring, packaging, or cushioning in stuffed toys, and bags
    • Recycled Cotton – Detailed blog post which describes recycled cotton is a ray of hope that can alter the notion that textile sector does little to nothing about environment issues
    • Recycled Waste Cotton – important questions and answers about why we need recycled cotton
    • Is Cotton Biodegradable? Basic questions such as, what does the term ‘biodegradable’ even mean? How does it have any relevance to cotton, and why should we be so interested in the first place answered here
    • Clothing made from recycled bottles – Here is the new range of textiles we can make from recycled bottles

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