Textiles & Clothing for Sensitive Skin – A WWW Database

This is a good list of web resources that deal with the topic of textiles and clothing suitable for those with sensitive skin.

  • Clothing for People with Sensitive Skin – A good, comprehensive guide on all aspects of clothing for those with sensitive skin – Link
  • Best & Worst Fabrics for the Skin – discusses fabrics, special treatments and detoxifying your wardrobe – Link
  • Analysis of More Gentle Textiles for High Skin Compatibility – Digital analytical process leads to development of friction-optimised textiles worn next to the skin – Link
  • The story of smartcel™ sensitive: How a cellulose fiber with zinc turns textiles into real skin care products! – Link

Textiles & Clothing for Sensitive Skin

  • Bamboo Textiles for Sensitive skin – product details and list of bamboo viscose products ideal for people suffering from skin conditions such as eczema. Link
  • Joanneum Research institute develops textile indicator to protect sensitive skin – Researchers at Joanneum Research, one of the largest non-academic research institutes in Austria, have found a way to identify alkaline detergent residues in clothing. Link
  • Gentle Textiles for High Skin Compatibility – Researchers at the Hohenstein Institute work on the problem. They have developed a digital method for three-dimensional analysis of the surface of textiles that come into direct contact with people’s skin. Link
  • Textiles and Human Skin, Microclimate, Cutaneous Reactions: An Overview – Link
  • Textiles against Sunburn – Right textiles offer excellent protection against sunburn – Link
  • Clothing for People with Sensitive Skin – a guide for what to do and what not to – Link
  • “Anti-dust mite textiles” can also relieve neurodermatitis symptoms – For some time now, people who are allergic to house dust have had the pleasure of knowing when the textiles around them offer proven and effective protection against dust mites. In future, patients suffering from neurodermatitis may also be pleased to find goods that are labeled in this way in the shops: it has been discovered that dust mites can also trigger neurodermatitis. Link


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