T Shirts for Smartphones – Fall Free T Shirt Prevents Smartphone from Falling & Breaking

Millions of us keep our smartphones in our pockets when we are on fun trips and travel.

Most times, we are wearing T-shirts.

Now, given the way travel for fun is, it is inevitable that there are occasions that could make the phone to fall from the pocket to the ground, and – break.

Sure, there are shatter proof smartphones, but all the same, you would like to minimize or avoid occasions when your smartphone falls down, wouldn’t you?

For all of you, Hosho has come up with Fall Free T-Shirts.


How does the Fall Free T Shirt work?

Really simple. We have provided 2 thin but fashionable strips over the pocket. All you need to do is to ensure you fasten these two strips (it takes a second) after you put in the phone in your pocket.

Even if you bend down by accident, the smartphone will not fall down.

Ingenious, isn’t it?

Interesting in Fall Free T Shirt?

Send a note to hello@hosho.in

Please note that this service is available only within India.

Looking for Innovative T Shirts for Smartphones? Send us a note to hello@hosho.in We look forward to working with you.

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