A T-Shirt that Make Children Learn in a Fun Way – T-shirts on Math, Science, English, Tech & More

Education Themed T Shirts with Quiz Cards!

Here’s another unique T-shirt offering from Hosho.

Just imagine if your child received a T-Shirt on an educational theme (math, science, English, for instance), and along with it quiz cards in which interesting questions on the theme are provided.Your child can wear the T-shirt to make a statement that he/she likes the subject (say, I Like Math).

At the same time, she/he can use the quiz cards to quiz his friends for entertaining learning on the subject.Thus, the T-shirt (or should we say, Theme Shirt) becomes a tool for learning in a fun way.

Hosho’s Theme Shirts for Children – T-Shirt + Quiz Cards

Allow us to describe how Hosho’s Theme Shirts for children work.

Because children love T-shirts, there are many of these in the market that are quite attractive and creative. However, most of these are little more than creative.

At Hosho, we thought about this, and consequently came with up with the idea of Theme Shirt.
Hosho, under its Theme Shirt concept, provides attractive T-shirts for children that also incorporate educational themes.

Now, what could these themes be? We have T-Shirts with the following themes:

  • I Like Math T Shirt – interesting math-based images and statements
  • I Like Science T Shirt – images related to physics, chemistry and biology, along with fun statements about these topics
  • I Like Tech T Shirt – interesting computers, technology & gadgets based images and statements
  • I Like English T Shirt – focus on English & vocabulary. Comprises affirmative statements related to language
  • I Like History & Geography T Shirt – history & geography themes and statements.

Now, we do not stop with just supplying a T-Shirt with educational themes. Along with the T-Shirt, we also supply a quiz deck that contains interesting questions and answers on the theme.

For instance, with the Science Shirt, we have an attractive quiz card deck that has some fun science questions and answers.

Math                      History & Geography

English Card                       

Your child can shoot these questions to his/her friends and have fun and learning. Now, we strongly recommend that your child wears the corresponding T-Shirt while conducting the quiz to make the occasion even more memorable!

Hosho final Collage
The idea in itself is simple: Why should T-shirts for children be just…T-shirts? Why cannot they become the inspiration for them to learn more?

Isn’t it exciting that a T-Shirt can add fun, and what’s more, learning, for your child?

Feedback from Market

Over the past few months, a large number of children have bought our T-shirts, and well, you know what, we get some really interesting feedback from them.
Here are some of the feedback:

  Hello Hosho – liked the I Like Math t-shirt because of the colorful design. The quiz questions were super and my friends were impressed with my questions – Rahul Sriram, Age:12, Chennai  

  Hi – this is the Manohar, dad of Kavya, aged 11 from Bengaluru. Just thought I would say thank you for the really innovative educational T-Shirts. Kavya bought the Math, Science and English T-shirts and she bugs me every day with interesting questions from your QUIZ CARDS. Brilliant idea to make children learn in a way they like it. All the best to your team and thanks again.  

  Dear Hosho Tshirt team – I got your Math and Science T-Shirts two weeks back. Nice designs, my pals really liked the Tshirts and the quiz questions. Can you also do a Tshirt for the Computers topic? Thank you. Karan Talukdar, a 7th grade student from Chembur Mumbai.  

There are at least 200 more children and their parents who have written to us saying what a cool idea these T-Shirts are.
At Hosho, we indeed are glad we are able to make a difference to children’s learning through such an entertaining tool. With this in mind, we will be glad to listen to anyone with suggestions for improving our offering.

Interested in getting a Theme Shirt for your child?

Hosho’s Theme Shirts are available for children in the age group 7-13. These are available in various sizes and colors, and for the following educational themes:








English Big Size


History & geography

History & geography

Each purchase comes with a T-Shirt, and along with it, a quiz deck containing 50 interesting questions and answers on the theme.


If you are interested in purchasing a Theme Shirt for your child, send an email to
hello@hosho.inwith your child’s age, T-shirt size (if you can specify) and what educational theme you are interested in. We will quickly get in touch with you regarding the purchase.

Wish to know more about this unique Theme Shirt? Call Ravindran – 9952475480 (India)Please note that this service is available only in India.

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