Importance of Eco-friendly Apparel for Babies and Infants

The two videos in this series show why it is important for you to be extra careful while choosing apparel for small babies and infants.

Remember, their skins are very sensitive and their entire body is more vulnerable to environmental allergens that our adult bodies.

Do watch these videos and you will see the importance of going eco-friendly for your baby apparel

Beaming Baby Eco-friendly Nappies & Diapers

Beaming Baby Nappies are chemical-free and biodegradable helping cure nappy rash and give your baby a restful night’s sleep. Give your baby the healthiest start to life. See their useful and educative video here.

Beaming Baby Eco-friendly Baby Bath-time Products

Looking for Eco-friendly apparel for Babies and Infants? Send us a note to We look forward to working with you.

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