Yoga Art Wall Hangings – Let Each Room Make a Health & Spiritual Statement

Hosho presents something exciting, cool and useful for yoga practitioners – the Yoga Wall Hangings.

Yoga is not just meditation or exercise, it is also a state of mind.

Which is why having yoga “all around you” will make such a tremendous difference to your body, mind and soul. What better way for this than having classy yoga based art wall hangings in your different rooms!

What are these?

For a yoga practitioner, what could be more positive that seeing interesting yoga poses presented in an artful way in every room of his/her house?

The Yoga Wall Hangings cater to this intense need.

The Yoga Wall Hangings are elegant, attractive wall hangings, done in an artistic manner, of the various poses and themes.

We have such yoga wall hanging designs on a variety of yoga themes, and for every room/space in your house

  • Hall
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room
  • Reading Room
  • Bed Room
  • Play Room
  • Balcony
  • Meditation/Prayer Room

Benefits of having yoga art in each of your rooms

  • Hall – Relationships – realizing the importance of kindness, sharing and commitments. Positive thinking for the growth of your family and children.
  • Reading Room – Focus –understanding the importance of learning in-depth; appreciating the different dimensions and aspects of a problem or topic; deep realization of the beauty of knowledge
  • Kitchen & Dining Room – Health – importance of various healthy foods and ingredients; importance of being conscious about what we eat; importance of food as a great way to build a happy and peaceful family
  • Balcony – Nature and environment – Find delight in the elegance of environment; appreciate the power and at the same time beauty of nature.
  • Bed Room – Sleep & Relaxation – deep realization of the importance of staying calm and peaceful; power of positive thoughts while you drift into sleep; appreciating your breath and breathing much better
  • Children’s Room – Play & Learn – Appreciating how learning and playing are highly inter-related; understanding innocence in a refreshing and inspiring manner.

Each of these wall hangings carry a specific theme/pose, and each is available in various sizes.

Creative yoga wall hangingsYoga Wall hangings hosho

attractive Wall Hangings from Hosho1yoga posters hosho1









Yoga art wall hangings via hosho

yoga posters Via Hosho








These are made from cotton textiles, and are made with designs done by high quality artists.

Interested to know more about the Yoga Wall Hangings?

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