Organic Home Textiles – Benefits and Advantages

Looking to buy organic textiles or organic home textiles? Talk to us – This is a post from Hosho on the status and trends in organic home textiles. While many of us read a lot on organic cotton garments, apparel and even apparel accessories, organic textiles go beyond clothing and into a whole lot […]

100+ Apron designs to sew – some of them really interesting

An interesting page where you’ll find over one hundred and ninety free apron patterns and tutorials collected from all over the web. As the page says, aprons are some of the easiest wears to start off for those keen on learning to sew cool things. “Because an apron often consists of simple shapes and is […]

Some Really Cool Kitchen and Tea Towels

Tea towels and kitchen towels can be super interesting than they are usually supposed to be. That’s what we have always believed at Hosho, where our motto is that every home textile can talk!Here are just a few samples to prove it. All these are courtesy Etsy, the nice and artsy guys onlineI hope you […]

Some really cool pillow cover designs I liked on Etsy

I was browsing through Etsy when I came across some really interesting designs on pillow covers.Some do not give too much thought about pillow covers, but it appears that there are many others who do – and those of us at Hosho certainly belong to the latter category.Do have a look at some of these ultra-cool […]

Some Cool Patterns and Designs for Home-made Pillows

Was looking for interesting pillow designs when I came across this interesting post on pillow designs.You can learn how to make a decorative pillow that fits your decor with 36 Patterns for Easy Homemade Pillows. The creative designs listed in this page allow you to make throw pillows of all kinds! We at Hosho, who […]

A really creative kitchen towel hanger

Now, who would have thought that the above is a plain kitchen towel, and not a lovely lady in a flowing skirt! And here’s the hanger alone, if you didn’t believe me! If you are looking for creativity in all corners of your home, stuff like this cool and creative kitchen towel hanger (with kitchen […]