Fabulous tea towels on Pinterest

(Image source credit: The Graphic Foodie) Who said tea towels need to be staid and plain? We at Hosho, who are all about creativity in simple stuff like towels and napkins and all other home textiles, will certainly not say so. Here are some really attractive tea towels you can see on Pinterest! Awesome tea […]

A customizable hand towel for your birthday

Innovation is possible. In anything Creativity abounds everything. Cool is in. All around. Which is why I was not surprised to find a hand towel with a cool birthday statement, and which you can customise. Here’s an example of the towel that you would like to gift for someone’s 60th birthday. And put their name […]

Creative & Innovative Apron Designs

Aprons – oh, those silly things whose only job is just to keep us nice and tidy while we cook. Hang on. It appears that the world has changed while you and I were sleeping! Aprons are no longer just the dumb things to protect you from the oil and the spillovers, they are getting to have a […]

embroidered tablecloth

Creative tablecloth designs – some cool table cloth indeed!

At Hosho, we love home textiles that stand for something, mean something, speak something. Which is why, whenever we come across anything unique or innovative in home textiles, especially anything that tries to convey something other than being a dumb cloth, we get excited. Came across this interesting blog post on innovative tablecloth designs. Sure, I […]


Curtain Alternatives for Windows

Sure, at Hosho we are about home textiles, and that includes window curtains. But that doesn’t mean that we do not appreciate alternatives! Found a really cool blog post titled “Dress Your Windows With These 19 Curtain Alternatives” in which the author, Kate Thorn, had collected some really innovative alternatives to window curtains. (By the […]


Welcome to the Hosho blog

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